We make it easier for leaders to understand, measure and redesign culture

What is culture and why is it important?

The problem we solve

We know that more than 70% of leaders know that culture is the key to improve their performance, but less than 30% have a plan to do it. The root cause is the lack of scientific data, standard framework and lack of evidence based playbooks

Our Value Proposition


By a SaaS platform that helps leaders understand their culture, analyse and identify its barriers and strengths and build the right strategic culture code. Personal engagement for everyone involved through individual reports and insights of their own culture footprint.

The Solution

We provide a SAAS platform with a unique easy-to-use digital culture journey, unlike any of our competitors, where a leader in a few hours can map the existing culture, compare it to a desired strategic culture and provide the team and each person with a plan to contribute to the culture shift.

We do this faster, cheaper and more strategic and have an ambition to make all business culture intelligent. The Culture Intelligence SaaS platform with its powerful blend of technology and subject matter expertise converts culture data into actionable knowledge 

We target this challenge to simplify change for leaders, HR and the people in the organization. The combination of a culture playbook, SaaS platform and certified partners allow any company to build their own customized culture journey.


Culture Reboot Program

A digital program with 6 modules to get up to speed again


Survey Out


The whole team






My Plan

The Insights

Customized Survey

A customized values based survey to gather precise information about what actually drives a company culture or an individual's culture impact


A unique database with culture data, a dashboard of demographics and attributes to enable agile analytics in segmenting, comparing and visualizing culture and subcultures.

Learning Lab

A culture learning lab with 100 values approaches for developing new culture content to eliminate culture gaps

"Without the scientific management of our culture over the last 10 years, there is no way we would have been where we are today"

Peter Jenkins, CEO


Meet The Team

Tone S. Ringstad

CEO & Founder

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Erik Herje

Chief Techology Officer

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Bjorn Ringstad

Chief Commerical Officer

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Surendra Thapaliya

Marketing Coordinator

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Gina Lium

Chief Sales Officer

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Our Passion

We are passionate about helping leaders and teams to understand and transform their business culture. We actively seek new insights that will continue to bring value to the culture transformation process.

Our Vision

Making business more culture intelligent - to power the future of people and planet

Our Promises

We make culture redesign faster, cheaper, more customized and strategic

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