Podcast: Do you have customer service culture code?

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Culturengine’s digital analytical tool for business culture has developed a series of culture codes for different businesses.

In partnership with STI (Scandinavian Technology Institute), we have completed a study on Norwegian Customer Service teams with the objective to identify their culture. Through our customized culture survey, we gathered data from 69 users in 8 teams nominated to win the Årets Kundeserviceleder Price 2019.

The result of the study is a well-defined Customer Service leadership culture code defined by the best in class people and teams. The new customer service code is now a clear definition of best in class customer service culture, presented on Tekna Kundeservicedagene. This culture code may be a relevant standard for other teams to learn from and align to.

Based on this systematic work on culture and the presentation of the culture code, Tekna followed up by inviting us to elaborate on insight in culture, what it is, why it is important and how to go about it in this podcast. We welcome any company to align their team culture to this culture code to find out how you align to the award-winning teams and their culture code. If you can map it, you can manage it.

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